When wedding go weird

Weird, extravagant, crazy, creative…everything to enjoy notoriety for a while. in the best cases, they can end up on the press.

Here some examples, enjoy the reading.

Nudist wedding
Ellie Barton e Phil Hendicott Decided to celebrate their nuptials completely naked, wearing just the rings, a long white veil with a flowery bouquet strategically placed for her and black hat to cover his modesty for him.

The longest wedding dress in the world
A chinese woman enter the Guinness World Record for the longest wedding dress train, 219 metres! Her Andreas Evstratiou’s wedding gown weight more than 100 kilos and measure 600 metres.

Xiao Wang for his wedding bought for the bride Xiao Liu, 99.999 red roses: 30 cars rented to transport them all.