Wedding traditions and superstitions from the worls

- From the most classic, that almost everyone knows, prohibition for guests to dress in white or black, to the almost unknown wedding customs, that sometimes can results very funny!

- For example, how many know that the bride should look in the mirror on her wedding day only if she has removed a shoe, an earring or a glove?

- Furthermore, in South Tyrol, if the brothers or sisters of the bride and groom are not married, there’s the necessity to give them a goat or a billy-goat that they will take home until a true wedding proposal is made to them!

- According to an ancient Egyptian superstition the bridesmaids are a protection against evil spirits.

- In Southern Italy, the veil is as long as the years of engagement ... one meter every year spent together!

- In Kenya and Tanzania there’s the custom of spitting on the head and on the chest of the bride