Customized wedding

There are many aspects that can personalize a wedding so as to make it unique and not trivial.

Surely the color can be a very simple idea, but classy that will give a common thread to the event ... yes to the bride's favorite color, unless this is black! Yes, to the tones of pink, light green or Tiffany blue that will be found in the bride's bouquet, and if you want in a dress band, in the groom's buttonhole, centerpieces and decorations.

Another customization could be to follow a hobby or passion that characterizes the bride and groom, such as music, a common sport or love for travel ... here you can have fun starting from the theme chosen for the invitations to the tableau mariage and wedding favors.

Finally you can also "travel through time" creating a common thread that evokes past times: the 30s with its ethereal style, strong accents and bon ton shapes; the Middle Ages with its Gothic style (perfect trend for the choice of a castle as a location, where you can even organize a medieval tournament to entertain guests); Empire style wedding and wrought iron wedding favors.