Close from away !

Hymn to creativity and love.

How hard is it to accept that a day of love can also mean "putting distances"? 
How to break down the feeling of loneliness, caused by so many missed hugs?
On a special day, during which union and affection are undisputed protagonists, it will be necessary to appeal to our creativity and break down these barriers with cunning, thinking about new ways of being together.
Fortunately, technology is by our side and we can take advantage of the many opportunities it offers, to make our special day more original and participated!
WEDDING LIVE VIEW or DIRECT on social platforms, can help us to stay together and share the most intimate moment ever!
In the Church, as well as during a civil or symbolic ceremony, it will be possible to install a system that guarantees the video recording of the event, which will be projected simultaneously wherever we want. 
A series of decorated benches, placed in front of a large screen whose frame reflects the floral style of the event, can be a good way to make the guests participate, forced to stay outside the Church or the ceremonial hall!
The same videos shot and projected, can also be broadcast live on social media and online platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and many others ... People further away, they can be closer and enjoy the images, romance and atmosphere while staying in their homes. 
For all couples who believe that love has no boundaries, barriers and distances, this could be the right solution to create the desired closeness and enjoy their special day in the company of their loved ones!