Beatrice Giannittelli

wedding planner e fotografa

I was born in Bolzano, a multicultural and multilingual city. Growing up near the border between Italy and Austria has helped me to learn different languages, and to experience several different cultures.
I come from a picture family and I spent most of my childhood in my father’s photography store, learning all the tricks from the best. I started helping him, especially during wedding shoots.
That’s where I immediately learned to pay special attention to details, to notice those instants that make a wedding day unique, and to interact with all kinds of guests.
I studied Sociology at the University of Torino, where I lived for many years. Living in a big city has taught me to broaden my horizons, and to pay attention to my surroundings.
After many years of being a wedding photographer I’ve decided to commit to these special events even further, and to start organizing them.
Listening, attention to details, special care and vitality are the key ingredients that I stand by when working as a photographer and wedding planner!